Students will learn life skills and leadership lessons through the role of the driver.


  • Great drivers focus.  Teaching young people the importance of focus is a critical skill set.  

  • Great drivers make split second decisions.

  • Great drivers practice.  Honing your skills, whether they are driving, selling or recruiting is an important part of personal development. 

  • Great drivers are not great on their own.  Despite the accolades for the driver, it is really a team effort.  The lesson here is when to be a leader and knowing when to be part of the team.

  • Great drivers negotiate great contracts.  Drivers know how to negotiate and when moving to another team makes sense. 

  • Great drivers understand branding.  They know and create a personal brand.  What is your product?  What are your brand attributes? How do you envision taking "you" to market?  Where are you placed on the competitive shelf space?