This segment of the curriculum focuses on youth as leaders, managers, and effective professionals. In addition to teaching young people the ins and outs of the racing industry, the curriculum helps develop the necessary life skills, integrating education, leadership skills, and training.


  • Leadership - The student will learn the characteristics of leadership and how to apply leadership traits to life.

    • Effective leadership qualities: integrity, wisdom, tolerance, self-reliance, initiative, charisma, competence, honesty, civility, fairness, responsibility, courage, and reliability

    • The student will analyze the complex relationship between the leader and the follower, and the need for both.

    • The student will learn that as situations change, leaders may become followers, and followers may become leaders.

Communication - The student will learn to communicate effectively in pairs, small groups, teams, and large groups.

  • Communication lessons will be integrated with lessons and team experiences.

    • Suspend judgment until all ideas are expressed.

    • Present personal ideas as well as those of others in a clear, concise, and effective manner.

    • Balance personal expression with others' contributions.

    • Distinguish between fact and opinion.

    • Work toward consensus in heterogeneous groups.

    • Facilitate the mediation of conflict.

    • Motivate team members individually and collectively to collaborate to achieve a common purpose.