The program and its pedagogy are rooted in project based learning theory delivered through experiments, highly interactive experiences, and classroom mentors.

BGMA presents 10 unique “sessions” that can be delivered in one day, one week, or a full semester.


Structured as race teams, students are exposed to the different roles that make up a professional team or organization, and more specifically: CEO, Crew Chief, Engineer, Marketing Director, and Driver. Following an interview process, where the students perform an elevator pitch describing their interests, passions, and qualifying traits, a panel of judges places each student on a team with one of the aforementioned roles.

In collaboration with their teams, students are led through a series of “sessions” and experiments that offer competitive elements at each juncture: time trials, quality control, teamwork, management, design, budgeting, and more. The CEO’s of each team must delegate tasks and the teammates will follow their directions for each project.

They conduct experiments in friction, internal combustion, and physics; build scale model engines; sell sponsorships; build R/C cars; and compete in a final race for cash prizes and Ford Motor Company stock.