Car Prep | Soap Box Derby

Welcome to Soap Box Derby® racing! The Soap Box Derby program is designed to be an enjoyable learning experience for both the adult and the child. The program provides an opportunity to develop mutual respect and trust while demonstrating the importance of individual pride and sportsmanship.

The Super Stock Car is a sit-up car designed to be driven in a lean forward position at all times for builders of a specific age range (9-18). The combined weight of the assembled car and the driver shall not exceed 240 lbs. including the Z-Glas® wheels.

A combined weight of less than 240 lbs. may be increased by the addition of owner provided weight. The written rules, plans and regulations are designed for the participant to construct the car from a Super Stock Car kit purchased from the International Soap Box Derby, Inc.


A Soap Box Derby competition will be integrated into the entire BGMA program, which involves all aspects of motorsports and the automotive industry, including teamwork, funding and marketing, design, engineering, mechanical / trade skills and driving. This Soap Box Derby makes aspiration tangible.

Derby Car Kits will be provided in advance to each class.


College level Formula SAE students are mentors for the students during the Soapbox Derby competition.

  • The Soapbox Derby competition will begin a few days into the BGMA program where students can put together teams of 4 to 10 students and assign roles based on the careers they learn about in the program (Manager, Engineer, Designer, Mechanic, Etc.)


  • Students will identify the role that best suits them and put together a 2-minute “elevator pitch” that they will present to the Instructor and a BGMA official.


  • Throughout the program, approximately 5 after-school “tech sessions” will be held with BGMA staff members & volunteers to help the students with their builds, answer questions they may have. Industry experts and leaders will be on-hand to also provide advice and insight into their respective topics.


  • Students will need to utilize what they learn during the curriculum, including the financial literacy courses, as they will need to come up with business plans to raise money, as well as approach sponsors and partners (pre-arranged through BGMA) to receive funding & sponsorships to purchase the supplies needed to build the Soapbox Derby car.


  • The BGMA Soapbox Derby race will take place towards the end of the semester, where all teams and schools involved in the BGMA program are invited to participate


  • BGMA will arrange for local media to be present for this race, with the winning team receiving BGMA recognition including a team trophy and individual trophies


  • Winners will each receive a $500 Scholarship towards the institution of their choosing